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19 February 2012

19 February 2012 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'19 February 2012' © Mariya Mileva 2012

19 February 2012 II © Mariya Mileva 2012

'19 February 2012 II' © Mariya Mileva 2012

19 February 2012 III © Mariya Mileva 2012

'19 February 2012 III' © Mariya Mileva 2012


18 February 2012

18 February 2012 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'18 February 2012' © Mariya Mileva 2012

the Workshop

Workers III © Mariya Mileva 2011

'Workers' III © Mariya Mileva 2011

D: 26.12.2011
L: Varna, Bulgaria
M: Todor S. Todorov (Shamy!) & Kiril Angelov


I just publicized my self-made-first-brand-new website!

A lot of work and nerves, but all worth it, of course. I wasn’t familiar with HTML and CSS at all. Fortunately, when you want something – it happens. I’m proud of all I did, of all the stupid questions and misunderstanding.

20.02 is a very special date for me. Therefore, I’m so happy I managed to finish it exactly today. All the work is in the Honor of a very special and priceless person for me.

Hope you enjoy it as I do! I’ll be more than glad to receive a feedback of you – my wonderful followers and readers.

Thank You!



Creative Workshop 4: ‘The Clothed Body’

Here my Task 4, Part 2. This time with body.

White Shirt 2.9 © Mariya Mileva 2012

White Shirt 2.9 © Mariya Mileva 2012

White shirt. Task 4. Body?

Started snowing and I decided to leave a wet shirt outside to get it frozen. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, wasn’t as cold as I expected. The shirt did get frozen, but not for long, giving me time to dress a model with it (which was my plan). I remember the times when, during winter time, my mother was bringing in our washed “wet” laundry from the terrace. The cloths, literally, were frozen couple of minutes besides 30 degrees’ room temperature. I was always amazed how they stand like that not moving at all, like you could break them. Splendid times. Anyway, without such cold, I’ve got only an outside look.

White Shirt 1.2 © Mariya Mileva 2012

White Shirt 1.2 © Mariya Mileva 2012

Revisiting self or another nude-and-naked-task-3 look

I was told from my tutor Jonathan Worth to try develop my self idea during our Picbod. And so I did. The pictures came out little different, because of my ‘new’ ideas for moving and setting my light “source” some place else. In the end I decided to edit one of them b&w. Last two are my favs.

13 February 2012

I love the sky with all its shapes, colors, elements and moods. Photographing things I love is the exercise of setting my soul free. You don’t need to understand this, just will be glad if you have your own thing too.

Recently, I haven’t photographed a lot the sky. Sad story. I wish I could  capture every sunset, every sunrise, every storm, every sky every day everywhere. I wish I could go back at the time when I was a child, spending lots of time with my family in our village and  lying on the grass, simply looking up. Back then, I’ve had a dream to have a possibility to jump over the clouds, lie on them and feel the sunlight over my closed eyes. I still have it. I love it.

Today one of my friends has a birthday. Today, years ago, was a black day. Today, the weather was grumpy till the sunset decide it’s time to show its mightiness. Today is almost over, but I appreciate I’m alive.

13 February 2012, III © Mariya Mileva 2012

'13 February 2012, I' © Mariya Mileva 2012

13 February 2012, II © Mariya Mileva 2012

'13 February 2012, II' © Mariya Mileva 2012

13 February 2012, I © Mariya Mileva 2012

'13 February 2012, III' © Mariya Mileva 2012

a bit of inspiration 2

Two more images inspired me thinking about body, white shirt, and my Picbod task. Again from the ugly blue social website and again not credited. Shame. Shame. Shame! People, please, credit the artists!

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Wayne Ford on Paolo Roversi: ‘the photographer and his muse’ [Picbod]

Another huge bit of inspiration from the Picbod class.

Here we are featuring a post from contributor Wayne Ford, taken from his excellent and ‘must-bookmark’ posterous blog.

Once describing himself as ‘an unsophisticated photographer making sophisticated photographs’ the work of Italian-born photographer Paolo Roversi is marked by a graphic simplicity, that the historian Martin Harrison would suggest in Appearances: Fashion photography since 1945 (Jonathan Cape, 1991), is both ‘starkly modern and delicately ethereal.’

Working with continuous light sources — daylight, HMI and Maglite’s — that necessitate longer exposures than those required when working with flash, Roversi approaches fashion with the eye of a portrait photographer; even considering his nudes as portraits too. And as with most portraiture, the ‘eyes are very important,’ he says, ‘I can’t explain technically why the look of the subject is more deep, more touching, more human if the photographer uses a long exposure for the shot, but it is. I learned this from studying early photographs, when the photographers were obliged to use longer exposures. The portraits looked much deeper.’

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With his colour photographs, such as, Guinevere in yellow dress, Paris, 1996, we find a graceful, almost fragile beauty that reflects qualities found in the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites. As his subject — his muse — walks through the photographic composition, her gaze downwards, the transparency of her form appears to hover between the physical and metaphysical; here he captures — or more correctly seizes — a fleeting moment, transforming it in to a timeless dimension, presenting what Romeo Gigli calls a ‘classical and yet absolutely modern dimension of history and myth,’ in his photographs.


For Sky Lovers!

I just saw it got breath-taken! It’s amazing video made by Simon Christen and completely amazing! I’m not going to explain more, just watch it, feel it and if you need more information – read the description. Enjoy!

a bit of inspiration

I just saw these and got inspired! Make me think wicked, creating some really good shots into my head. Unfortunately, didn’t find the name of the artist, so if someone see and who it is – let me know!

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Sunday in Kenilworth

Such a lovely Sunday spent with Adele and her family over delicious lunch, and a winter walk behind the lake after that.

Freaky snap © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Freaky snap' © Mariya Mileva 2012

05 February 2012

05 February 2012 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'05 February 2012' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Let it snow

Today was an interesting day – started with a lovely gentle sun and ended featuring snowmans. Finally snow in England, they might say. I’ll say, that bright cloudy sky amaze me a lot each time (which is most of the English nights). It’s white, quite and kind of scary. Last few years, I have a strange feeling about the snow – love it, although makes me nervous.

Snowy street © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Snowy street' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Next two go straight to my ‘Through the Window’ project.

© Mariya Mileva 2012

© Mariya Mileva 2012

© Mariya Mileva 2012

© Mariya Mileva 2012

Frozen Scarf

Well, start snowing and I decided to wet a scarf and put it outside to get it frozen. Results could be seen below.

Unfortunately, wasn’t as cold as I wanted to be and the scarf couldn’t freeze properly. Therefore, that idea dropped out.

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04 February 2012

04 February 2012 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'04 February 2012' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Натюрморт [Still Life] III

Still Life III © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Still Life III' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Натюрморт [Still Life] II

Still Life II © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Still Life II' © Mariya Mileva 2012

03 February 2012

Heart and a half © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Heart and a half' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Hammock © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Hammock' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Butterfly © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Butterfly' © Mariya Mileva 2012

02 February 2012

a heart hole © Mariya Mileva 2012

'a heart hole' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Inspiration or deep thoughts?

Well, today Picbod‘s lecture put me into both sides of my feelings – completely inspired and deeply wistful. That’s because of two very strong talks with two great artists we had to listen and take notes of. I’m talking about the photographers Gary Schneider and Graham Macindoe in conversation with Jonathan Worth.

First one is about the great work of Gary Schneider, who use the body identity as an energy resource, creating other reality, in my opinion. But not only that – using the light as an incredible resource as well as to paint his objects, Gary creates an outstandingly different kind of pictures. I love his colors, the look of his work and the way he speak and describe his images. Wish he made a book I’d love having a read! You have to listen – that’s the only way to get my point.

I was so inspired, but the next talk just turned me into another direction. Second talk is one real, deep and sincere story about Graham Macindoe life story, if I may say it that way. For my 22 years I’ve been into things, which had showed me what pain is, although I have no idea what real pain might be. We usually think we’ve been through so much and know a lot, but actually we don’t have any idea at all what real throe is, because we only could know if we’ve been experienced it one on one. But that’s not my point. The point is to be strong enough to ‘keep walking’ and continue your life.

Graham talk made me cry.  Literally. I just wish I could shake his hand and pat on the back simply saying “You’re a hero!”, because sometimes we have to be our own hero (even though don’t think the words can give the support which you may see into someone’s eyes). However, he definitely is a hero. He is my hero too! As I said in my tweets, it’s too hard for me even to type his words. The last thing I want is to pass a wrong meaning of his story. I barely know what alcohol and drugs cause, I barely know what life is, I don’t know what is to be famous or to fall to the bottom of your life. But I do know and truly believe in that “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only chose you have”, which I recently remind myself everyday. I don’t want to sound so cliche, but after all, if things became cliches, maybe they really have a reason to be.

Even though I met him for a first time today (all indirectly), I’m glad he is back, I’m glad he has the strength to stand up and fight again, the brave of showing his weaknesses in front of such huge audience, the desire of continuing his project, although being really hard going back again and again in those days. I’m so glad he “walk” again, instead of giving up. That’s the point – we must keep walking; walking for us, for our families, for our children, for all the sun we deserve to see!

Thank to Jonathan Worth and all the things brought me to that point of saying – just listen the talk! Respect!

Creative Workshop 3: “Nude and Naked” II

Here the second part of my Picbod task for this week. This is a new friend of mine, who I decided to photograph. As usually happens, firstly I had to show my model both respect to herself and her body. Even though, I have sizable experience of photographing skin, nude  and people as a whole, the uncomfortable moment still appear each time. Less or more – think that’s kind of normal. Even me, taking pictures of myself, sometimes feel uncomfortable looking at the results.  Or maybe I haven’t found the perfect “flirt” complimenting the session yet.

However, I’l like to share something, very important for me and the subject of that post: Please, show more respect to both your subject and results you try to achieve! Feel respect of the body as a temple and don’t jeer at it! I feel the need of saying it, because as a person highly interested of that subject matter, keep researching and looking at it, have seen so much ‘bad’ pictures, ugliness and mockery that feel like that the subject been mugged is actually myself. That’s just the dull pain of unfairness. Thanks for the attention.


Creative Workshop 3: “Nude and Naked”

You should make at least one study of yourself and another of someone else. You will need to bring your experiences from task one and two to bear as you explore the dynamics of vulnerability vis a vis yourself, the subject and ultimately the viewer.

You should spend time observing the context for your subject. You should look for and work with the different types of light, tone and colour, both in terms of your location context and the effects they have on your subject and the subsequent photographic artefact.

Consider Paul Wright’s words on life drawing :

“Look at the subject away from the camera – soak up your subject”, “look for the lines that denote weight and gesture”, “consider echoes of movement in a gesture – the image can be messy and doesn’t have to be ‘picture-perfect’”.

This time I decide to separate my selfs into 2 parts – color and b&w, but both connected into the idea of flashes, bluriness, something more dynamic, dreamy and moving. Ecstasy is the other word which comes into my mind.

© Mariya Mileva 2012

© Mariya Mileva 2012

Think that’s the fav. Inspired of Cynthia Karin Cortes‘s picture:

Self [vol.1.’12]

Self vol.1.'12 #1 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Self vol.1.'12 #1' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Self vol.1.'12 #2 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Self vol.1.'12 #2' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Summer ‘picturing the body’

I believe, my Summer 2011 work is highly related to actual Picbod module. There’re several artist I was discovering back there and just now had another look over. I also took a lot of pictures, related to picturing the body as a whole. Therefore, welcome you feeling free of getting some inspiration!

Summer 2011 Archive

Mash it up: Let the dataset change your mindset

Cannot deny – mashups are super cool, especially when there are pictures or more colors involved. For that part of the lecture “However – for a truly interactive and quite stunning data visualisation (Mashup) experience try Chris Milk’s HTML5 film/interactive piece – The Wilderness Downtown – best viewed using Google Chrome.” I just will add that mashup, which use a Facebook profile, making chasing story of the used profile. Besides you know is fake, there’re moment you start thinking “does someone really could stoke me like that?!” Yes, we all wish not or have more power of protecting our personal space, but we’re pretty chased already.

[lecture 3]

David Hilliard

I was introduced to David Hilliard‘s work last year when we had to make an image using couple of images. I did some November 2010, and then (as I sometimes have the very bad habit to) forgot about that work.

Now, when we started speak for it again, I slap myself into face for that ‘forgetting’ mistake. David Hilliart is an amazing artist which work I adore. Love the angles, the way that different pictures, even looking as completely separate objects, become one. I also like the depth of the rooms/indoor spaces that he shows. However, having a ‘Nude and Naked’ task makes me look more deeply and realize that he actually has a lot of those types in his work. I love it, that’s all!

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28 January 2012

28 January 2012 © Mariya Mileva 2012

'28 January 2012' © Mariya Mileva 2012

Through the window

Through the window © Mariya Mileva 2012

'Through the window' © Mariya Mileva 2012

*Reminds me somehow of Todd Hido.