Putting my image into context

by M. Mileva

As I already mentioned earlier, with my images I’d like to focus more over the natural cloth of presented scarf, i.e. wool. I believe, in time of fake looks, materials, virtual life and unhealthy food, what is now, people should focus more over keeping the Natural. There is no other thing that this universal relationship – organisms – environment. We shall return more to the mother Nature, keeping and saving it, because it’s part of us and we are part of it. Moreover, keeping it more alive we actually do this for us. I’d like to make an appeal and strongly highlight this.

Nevertheless, colors of the scarf compliment my whole idea, making a mind map with the sun, the air and free space ->freedom, life, etc. I think, the colors of one image are very important for what artist is trying to say. Having a warm, peaceful, organic look,  create, investigate and explore the idea. Looking warm not only because of the palette, but for the cloth itself, my scarf pictures help the mind more easily connect with the ‘natural’ idea.