Main Assignment

by M. Mileva

The #picbod Assignment

From the weekly sketchbook tasks, you should produce a single, lens based exhibition-ready ‘photographic piece’.

Themes contemplated within the lecture series should be addressed within your work, and the same rigour applied to the final product.* In this regard it should be a finely crafted exhibition submission, with great care being paid to its artisanal qualities.

A “Piece” may be interpreted as a single frame, or in it’s broader sense as a collection of images (still or moving) that form a coherent narrative. It should be primarily lens based, though the student shouldn’t be fettered by traditional interpretations of photographic practice and instead should look to challenge them.

The submission must exist both as a singularly unique and finely crafted physical object, as well as being infinitely replicable and readily communicable in a digital form. The student should explore and develop aspects of their final piece that exploit the full gamut ofopportunities available in both the physical and virtual environments.**

In short, you are to submit to an exhibition entitled “Picturing the Body”. This exhibition will be both physical and virtual – your work should inhabit and challenge the viewer’s experience in both environments.

* ‘Why’ is more important than ‘How’ – especially when considering the effects of your work on the viewer (you can seduce them with artifice, but why? What was your motive?)

** In other words – don’t make a picture, and then just stick a virtual version on a web gallery.