Inspiration or deep thoughts?

by M. Mileva

Well, today Picbod‘s lecture put me into both sides of my feelings – completely inspired and deeply wistful. That’s because of two very strong talks with two great artists we had to listen and take notes of. I’m talking about the photographers Gary Schneider and Graham Macindoe in conversation with Jonathan Worth.

First one is about the great work of Gary Schneider, who use the body identity as an energy resource, creating other reality, in my opinion. But not only that – using the light as an incredible resource as well as to paint his objects, Gary creates an outstandingly different kind of pictures. I love his colors, the look of his work and the way he speak and describe his images. Wish he made a book I’d love having a read! You have to listen – that’s the only way to get my point.

I was so inspired, but the next talk just turned me into another direction. Second talk is one real, deep and sincere story about Graham Macindoe life story, if I may say it that way. For my 22 years I’ve been into things, which had showed me what pain is, although I have no idea what real pain might be. We usually think we’ve been through so much and know a lot, but actually we don’t have any idea at all what real throe is, because we only could know if we’ve been experienced it one on one. But that’s not my point. The point is to be strong enough to ‘keep walking’ and continue your life.

Graham talk made me cry.  Literally. I just wish I could shake his hand and pat on the back simply saying “You’re a hero!”, because sometimes we have to be our own hero (even though don’t think the words can give the support which you may see into someone’s eyes). However, he definitely is a hero. He is my hero too! As I said in my tweets, it’s too hard for me even to type his words. The last thing I want is to pass a wrong meaning of his story. I barely know what alcohol and drugs cause, I barely know what life is, I don’t know what is to be famous or to fall to the bottom of your life. But I do know and truly believe in that “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only chose you have”, which I recently remind myself everyday. I don’t want to sound so cliche, but after all, if things became cliches, maybe they really have a reason to be.

Even though I met him for a first time today (all indirectly), I’m glad he is back, I’m glad he has the strength to stand up and fight again, the brave of showing his weaknesses in front of such huge audience, the desire of continuing his project, although being really hard going back again and again in those days. I’m so glad he “walk” again, instead of giving up. That’s the point – we must keep walking; walking for us, for our families, for our children, for all the sun we deserve to see!

Thank to Jonathan Worth and all the things brought me to that point of saying – just listen the talk! Respect!