Creative Workshop 3: “Nude and Naked” II

by M. Mileva

Here the second part of my Picbod task for this week. This is a new friend of mine, who I decided to photograph. As usually happens, firstly I had to show my model both respect to herself and her body. Even though, I have sizable experience of photographing skin, nude  and people as a whole, the uncomfortable moment still appear each time. Less or more – think that’s kind of normal. Even me, taking pictures of myself, sometimes feel uncomfortable looking at the results.  Or maybe I haven’t found the perfect “flirt” complimenting the session yet.

However, I’l like to share something, very important for me and the subject of that post: Please, show more respect to both your subject and results you try to achieve! Feel respect of the body as a temple and don’t jeer at it! I feel the need of saying it, because as a person highly interested of that subject matter, keep researching and looking at it, have seen so much ‘bad’ pictures, ugliness and mockery that feel like that the subject been mugged is actually myself. That’s just the dull pain of unfairness. Thanks for the attention.