Technical Picbod Workshop #2

by M. Mileva

We then went on to a technical workshop working with multiple light sources, multiple light temperatures etc. It’s a valuable exercise and an important chunk of knowledge to bank. You’ll need a light meter, a light that you can turn up and down (flash ideally though you could use any light source), a tri-pod and a digital camera with a manual setting.

You should then separate your scene into different zones of light in your mind (pre-visualise setting your camera to black and white might help with this). So you might photograph someone by a window and experiment with your settings.

Start by correctly exposing the view outside. Then balance the light inside using your flash. When they are balanced, try slowing the shutter speed – outside should brighten up but the flashed inside should stay the same.

[Picbod session 3]

Here some of my pictures engaging our second technical workshop in week 3 of Picbod module.