Creative Workshop 2: “The View from Inside” III

by M. Mileva

Well, I didn’t have in mind to do another shot, but its just came into me. Last night I was just starting to do some more work, when one of my closest friends message me on skype, begging to see and talk to me immediately, even thought the web reality. Of course, I left all my work and called her. She was deeply, deeply upset.

© Mariya Mileva 2012

© Mariya Mileva 2012

Villy is one of my friend soul mates. We met in our first high school day and know each other 8 years now. After graduation, she moved to another city and we start keeping our friendship trough out telephones, Internet and 1 on 1 meetings from time to time. Of course, our relation is not perfect. We have moments when we haven’t speak with each other for months. But then, after a really good talk, everything become absolutely fine and normal as before. No, actually every time much wiser. We just have that path between us and after all that experience, I believe nothing could break us. She was also one of the very few people being with me at the worst moments in my life for now. She is just a part of me.

These are pictures I took while she was explaining me the reason of her anxiety. It’s a personal story I do not want to share entirely. But the pictures do looks different with the story behind. Therefore I’ll mention just that, she had had some issues with herself and about the place she is currently living at. Feeling the need to escape of everything and everyone for a while, she started gathering ugly emotions, which were standing to ruin herself as much as her surrounding relationships. She was crying, trying to smile and being like a wide open book as she is always in front of and with me. In the end, she had to go make a diner to herself and her super cool boyfriend  for whose I’m more than glad they’re together! Love and peace!

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I must explain 2 things. Firstly, after saying “I don’t care on what you’re shooting at, as long as you have material you’re more than happy with” my tutor reminded me of again what is more important and that’s the reason I allow myself to share on public these pictures. Second of all, I shall explain why I’m using laptop camera as a tool for gaining experience in this module. Well, it’s just that my closest people are far away from me now and skype is very often kind of life boat for both me and them. That’s one of the reasons I’m taking a lot of snapshots, trying to keep as much as I can from them and when I start miss someone really badly, just to take a look and smile. However, some things cannot me replaced by pictures, letters, videos or sound. There’re times, then everything change and nothing has the possibility of restore it. But that’s another story I’m not going to continue now.