Some before Picbod

by M. Mileva

I am strongly influenced by human body and from. Picbod is more than amazing term for me, indeed. Spending 2 months back home, I’ve got a lot of inspiration going through my veins. Cannot explain why, but it’s true. I took a lot of pictures with different look, representing different views and connected to different themes. Shooting and being around people everyday (and night), didn’t allow me to upload them, therefore I’ll manage to do it these days. Because of combination of circumstances, my portfolio is based mainly around females. However, I have the Need to be as comfortable with males as I’m with females. I’ve got that in mind from a long time now, therefore this winter I tried to focus mainly around boys and male forms. My mind wasn’t so free for creative processes, because it was full of variety of unlinked feelings and thoughts. Nevertheless, I did explode it and creating photographs was my main work.

I’m attaching ‘One way out.’, ‘NvM’, ‘One the phone’, ‘”I wish we could catch a Sunset.” And there was a Sunset.’, as well as ‘Marty‘, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me‘ and ‘Gentle Touch‘ to my Picbod work, even they’re done a little before the actual term.

Of course, I do not rely on these pictures for my term assessment.