Shomei Tomatsu

by M. Mileva

Well, having a dead line without attend at every lecture it’s not so easy. It’s a pity I couldn’t be at Elly Clarke’s lectures. However, being back in the game I shall make my mind and ideas clear and fast. I took a look over my course mates’s blogs as an only resource of how the brief went. My eyes were stopped couple of times looking at their lovely final shots. But something else caught my mind in Sean‘s blog. It’s a picture we’ve been talking a lot last year during our ‘Precious object’ task. And I clearly remember how I was feeling back then when I first saw it and especially after Jon Worth telling us what is the story behind. I shivers went through my whole body. Because that’s not just a picture of an object. It’s a portrait. That’s a Shomei Tomatsu’s photograph of his father’s watch, which actually represent his parent. His father died during the Nagasaki A-bombing and that was the only thing left after him. The clock is stopped on the time of explosion. And that’s the last portrait of his father.

Simple, but mighty image of something so little and normal, which throw your mind back then, creating the whole picture of that story. I cannot explain it more. It’s just what it is.