Digital Media: A level playing field?

by M. Mileva

Yes indeed, we’re all cyborgs now. So attached to that virtual reality that most of the time not realizing it. I stay up for my friend Adele about the beauty and value of the artifacts, in the same time when I stood so many hours in front of screens and upload digital pictures at something named ‘blog’. I do prefer face to face contact and I’m still skyping and facebooking. I do like buying magazines and I’m still looking for online version. So, where am I? What I’m doing? When I disconnect myself from that virtual world, people start asking ‘why?’. But the point is ‘why not?’. the point is that we’re  missing so much of the Valuables, but we (kind of )don’t have a choice, because the world is  now digitalized and the Internet is the platform connecting and helping us succeed. Or we think it is. On the other hand, the truthful resource is actually not so truthful at all. We cannot be sure even about the information we read in news’ sites, but we do spreading it.  And what about pictures? There is a huge amount of photographers, photographs, image makers, so much copy-paste not crediting. There’re so much ‘dead’ pictures that we constantly taking, pictures without soul, pictures which won’t be printed and archive it, but deleted, formated and go as they came – from nowhere. We shall think more what we do, even if there is so easy way of repeating it. Nevertheless, we now have so much and have nothing in the same time. Most of our life could disappear with just one click. So, shall we think, what we actually do? What we’ll leave after us?

[lecture 2]