Technical Picbod Workshop #1

by M. Mileva

My 1st Picbod workshop “Working intimately with natural light” was about the idea was of trying to understand and know more about not so close person of me, but moreover negotiation with him/her, going into his/her personal space and (basically) take what you want. i mean intimate pictures of course.

I spent my time with Kye, which was an interesting experience, except that, I somehow missed the part with “natural light”. Sad times. I’m HUGE fan of natural environment, light, etc. And I’m definitely more convenient with it. But – no, not this time. We took some shots at the basement of our lovely building. Have a chat and swap some personal stories. However, it’s hard to be completely honest with someone you don’t know. No, actually is not so uncomfortably as  is to do it with someone you barely know. That “barely” space in more inconvenient that the actual “not knowing”.

Well, I felt into thoughts again, so it’s time for pictures.

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