Traditional media v new media

by M. Mileva

If we look far away back, we’ll realize that everything start from images. From the very beginning, our predecessors, used to paint pictures and dig symbols, recording the world as they translated it. Back there, the techniques artists of antiquity – cave painters and Renaissance artists, were archiving history as well as people necessity. Without that, next generation won’t be able to trace its past and learn about their life and way of living.

Creating illusion spaces is not a modern expression. We have creating those kinds of spaces all our existence. That helps people representing their own, develop their imagination which on the other hand helps for delivering more ideas, changing their life layout. Cave symbols, Renaissance paintings, photographic collages or video games – all of them created from us and for us.

But things change, life goes on and these traditional images have a different impact over our generation. The contemporary audience had seen them as something abnormal, amazingly beautiful or as the view of the coming future. However, we did, we do it and we will continue, because we have the need of visual representation of our present and way of bringing out our imagination.

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