Beauty vs Functionality

by M. Mileva

Web sites. All around us. We all have at least several registrations around the web, or even our own web site. If I should compare 2 of billions of them, I decided to do it with two helpful for their own purposes (as it’s supposed to be, of course), but completely different for each other web sites. Beauty vs Functionality or Miles Aldridge vs Amazon.

Let’s start with the uglier first. However, ugly or not – it works and it’s definitely super useful. As a web site for selling stuff, we – the customers, have some basic needs. Which, on the other hand, could be very important and “kill” the seller if he doesn’t make them appropriate for the customer. We have a need of full range of products, labels connected with faster and zatormozqvasht! our mind with unnecessary information.

Amazon has all of the gadget we, the customers, need. Has a perfect divisions for searching items, advertising, which it respond and suggest by our reactions and things of searching; make us recommendations. There is also a personal place – account, in which could add our information and keep it updated as much as we want. Allowing  to put our wishes in a basket, until we decide what exactly to choose, which doesn’t press the customer. Because we all know, people don’t like being in tense, especially when they make personal orders. Amazon offer also gift cards and wishing lists, which are very talked about these days. Looking at the design, it left us disappointed. However, this is not a web site in which we shall search for inspiration. This is an online shop and the beauty is not necessary.

Searching for eye-soothing web view, we may choose some of personal sites, like those based especially for artists, or special purpose. Miles Aldridge’s, for example, caught me with its simplicity. Black background, smooth images loading, main (enough in number) menus and a complimenting music on the background made my mind not forget it since I saw it (like 5-6 years ago). The site is just outline his eccentric work, which should be a main thing for every single artist. Nevertheless, this is an online portfolio – it’s more than important to look beautiful and flatter the work itself.

That’s how thing go – we should make the site according to our needs. Otherwise, doesn’t matter how good you are or what work you do, if you don’t have lovely, well-arranged working space.