by M. Mileva

I’m constantly searching myself. Looking around, being involved, spending time, meeting people, doing things. As an artist, I search for my “style” all the time. Still don’t have an answer. But following my heart path.

In the past day, I received 2 really correct definitions about me, my work and myself. Male and female’s. One of them know me 2 weeks now, the other – year and a half. Both – perfectly right.

I received also such an amazing birthday present from my lovely friend Adele! Little late, but wonderful! What more great than a book? – A book in area you’re interested in! Thank you!!!

“Students of photography have to learn not how to light, but how to love.” ~ Ruth Bernhard

“Men photograph a female nude as if she belonged to them. I photograph a woman as part of the universe. The female body is the bearer of new life.” ~ Ruth Bernhard

“I could not photograph a person for whom I had desire, because personal feeling gets in the way of expression.” ~ Ruth Bernhard